Optimist Indiana South District

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38th Annual Convention

Friday & Saturday, August 9th and 10th, 2024

Hilton Garden Inn Columbus/Edinburgh

12210 N Executive Drive, Edinburgh, IN 46124


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38th Annual Convention at Hilton Garden Inn Codlumbus/Edinburgh IN August 9th and 10, 2024

Agenda Overview

Friday Night Dinner will be Montana Mike’s (yet to be finalized) 3720 Market Pl Dr, Edinburgh, IN 46124

Agenda is being finalized. Please check back here in near future.

Optimist Indiana South District

38th Annual Convention



FRIDAY & SATURDAY, August 9th and 10th, 2024

Hilton Garden Inn Columbus/Edinburgh

12210 N Executive Drive, Edinburgh, IN 46124


Message from Governor …

Dear Fellow Optimists:

Our annual convention is approaching.  I strongly encourage you to attend.   We will have important sessions regarding

  • training,
  • recognition of accomplishments,
  • recognition of special people.
  • remembrance ceremony

Attending the convention will allow you to receive committee updates on all of our activities firsthand.  We will also be working on the transfer of many district offices to new people, so it is vital for Lt. Governors and District Chairs facilitate a transfer of skills and knowledge to the new folks coming in.   See you there!

Proud to be an Optimist,


Greg Kuhn

Indiana South Governor



Message from Governor-Elect Walt
Fellow Optimists of the Indiana South District, it is time for us to gather at our annual convention to
enjoy our friendship and camaraderie as optimists and celebrate all of the positive things we’ve done for
the youth in our district. As we remember the past accomplishments we also need to look forward to
our next Optimist Year and build on our achievements. The most important organization within Optimist
International is the local club. This is where the “rubber meets the road”. You are the ones who have
the most one on one contact with our youth, our schools and our communities. Among my goals are to
increase our number of clubs as well as membership. We at the District level are here to provide you the
leadership, training, and support that promote successful clubs and club activities. It is really important
that each club president, secretary/treasurer, and zone lieutenant governor be in attendance to receive
the training that many people have worked so hard to provide. We have a wonderful creed that shows
the kind of person we are to be and advises us on the things that we should be doing. Throughout my
year as Governor I look forward to visiting as many clubs as possible and observing the myriad of club
activities and projects as I can. I also want to get to know as many of my fellow optimists as I possible.


Renew, Refresh and Revitalize

Begin now to Renew, Refresh and Revitalize your Club to be the best that it can be! What is the 3 “R” program and what can it do for your Club? Experience the results of this program designed especially for your Club IF you:

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The Optimist Creed

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Optimist Club Members Receive as Much as They Give • The fellowship of proactive people with optimistic mindsets • New social and working relationships with individuals from a cross-section of our communities • The opportunity to develop and demonstrate leadership skills locally, regionally, nationally and internationally • The satisfaction of making a difference in our communities.