Optimist Indiana South District

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Friday & Saturday, April 12 and 13, 2024

Kimball International Headquarters
1600 royal Street
Jasper, Indiana


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3rd Quarter Conference April 12 – 13, 2024 Kimball International Headquarters

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Optimist Indiana South District

3rd Quarter Conference



FRIDAY & SATURDAY, April 12 – 13, 2024

Kimball International Headquarters
1600 royal Street
Jasper, Indiana


Message from Governor …Hello Fellow Optimists, I am pleased to inform you of our upcoming 3rd Quarter Indiana South District Conference.  

Live the Creed and give a smile to all and be too happy to permit the presence of trouble.   


Greg Kuhn, Indiana South District Optimists, 2023-2024


Renew, Refresh and Revitalize

Begin now to Renew, Refresh and Revitalize your Club to be the best that it can be! What is the 3 “R” program and what can it do for your Club? Experience the results of this program designed especially for your Club IF you:

  • Renew: Embrace Teamwork by utilizing all of your resources at your disposal efficiently
  • Refresh: Take steps to discover improvement opportunities and find new challenges
  • Revitalize: Follow-up on the development of your Members – Share information

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Optimist Supplies
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Charge Forward

The Optimist Creed

If the words above inspire you, why not make them a part of your lifestyle?

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Make Your Own Opportunities

Optimist Club Members Receive as Much as They Give • The fellowship of proactive people with optimistic mindsets • New social and working relationships with individuals from a cross-section of our communities • The opportunity to develop and demonstrate leadership skills locally, regionally, nationally and internationally • The satisfaction of making a difference in our communities.